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About Mark

Mark Machen is a passionate minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He pastors Life of Faith Church in Birmingham, Alabama. He and his wife, Jennifer, have dedicated their lives to helping people find lasting freedom through Jesus Christ. Mark loves teaching people how to truly experience God, know His voice, and enjoy life. In 2019, he developed Forever Free, a course where he and Jennifer share their radical encounter with God’s love and Truth. The Lord has graciously used their testimony and biblical teaching to change people from being bound by sin and darkness to truly living the kingdom life of righteousness, peace, and joy.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Machen has been married to Mark Machen for over 30 years.  She is a graduate of Charis Bible College Birmingham.  In 2011, Jennifer and Mark’s lives were radically transformed by the message of God's Love and Grace.  The truth that they discovered created for them a relationship with their Heavenly Father that they never thought possible.  Jennifer loves sharing her journey with others so that they can experience the same freedom that she lives in every day.

Start your journey into freedom now!

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